Phone: 425.251.6788


Ron Baer - President


Kaj Sonjia - Controller


Tim Webb - Director of Operations


Ryan Small - Plant Manager (Kent, WA)


Pat Solon - Plant Manager (Versailles, OH)


Dennis Berry - Plant Manager (Oklahoma City, OK)


Tom Corrick - Vice President of Foodservice Sales


Curtis McVay - Sales & Marketing Cost Analyst


Chris Wenderoth - Vice President of Foodservice Sales - Western Division


Jim Rash - Vice President of Foodservice Sales - Eastern Division


Carrie Whalen - Manager of Human Resources and Safety


Mark Wallace - Purchasing Manager (Kent, WA & Versailles, OH)


Shane Todd - Purchasing Manager (Oklahoma City, OK)


Alan Whittington - Director of Quality Assurance


Jerry Clark - Quality Assurance Manager (Kent, WA)


Kay Francis - Quality Assurance Manager (Versailles, OH)


Angelina Boland - Product Development Manager

King's Command Foods Inc. Since 1966